GCSU Environmental Science Club

Ecological Restoration


Bonner Park

Working with the GCSU Geographic Research Center, we are studying a plan to revitalize Bonner Park. The erosion scars have gotten out of hand, and it will take a concerted effort of dedicated voluteers armed with science and shovels to help restore the park to its earlier glory.  Restoration is a fabulous combination of applied science, creativity, and hard work.



Oconee River Greenway

The club has led stream monitoring and river cleanup trips to the Oconee River Greenway for years.  Now we are also involved with helping restore a wetland area within the park.  The project has so far involved picking up trash, studying overland flows, and conducting a plant and animal survey.  We will continue to work closely with the park planners to help develop a low-impact, high-education facility for wetland promotion.





Trail Maintenance

There are a variety of trail building philosophies, based primarily on the design intent of the trail and the projected usage.  Here are some links to trail webpages that examine the differences between trail building and maintenance strategies, from wilderness to urban intensive recreation:


American Trails and Greenways trail construction resources

Professional Trailbuilders Association resource links

Trail Construction





Local Trail Projects

Bartram Forest- Baldwin State Forest

GCSU Blandy Road Property

Oconee National Forest






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23 Jan 09