GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting Notes 28 Aug 06


Present: Doug Oetter, Diana Burke, Kelly Nicholson, Claire Ike, Emily Marr, Scott Murray, Jose Guerra Awe, Michael Hague, Joey Shackleford, Luke Bertram, Josefina Endere, Sharon Taylor, Chris Skelton, Anthony Earls, Michele Bickerstaff, Mark Dorner, Ben Strickland, Rusty Caspers, Leigh Griffith, Josh Fulmer, Janessa Hartmann, Rachel Hodge, Jessica Parrish.


More discussion of activities and events:

  1. Doug needs to find out details about when the Rivers Alive cleanup is scheduled.
  2. We need to find out about the NY Times recycling this year, since they are using fewer papers and shouldn't have as many left over.
  3. Bring left-over T-shirts to the meetings.
  4. Contact Ruth Eileers about training for AAS certification this term.
  5. Conduct Chemical and Biological analysis on Fishing Creek this Friday (1 Sep 06).

Robin passed around the September issue of Scientific American, because it is dedicated to Energy issues.

Planning a River Trip for 30 Sep-1 Oct, up where Kelly and Rusty work.

Need to research alternative collection bags for white paper and invent better way to transport and store the paper.
Can we identify new sites?

Print/Copy Room in Library -> Michele
Information Technology Center -> Anthony
Parks Hall -> Leigh
Psychology -> Michele
History -> Doug
Math -> Michele
MFL -> Scott
ESJ -> Josh
Kinesiology -> Josh
International Office -> Rachel

Jose's Mango Salsa:

1 Mango, cubed or diced
1/2 Roma tomato
1/2 sweet onion
salt & pepper