GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting Notes 17 April 06


Present: Chris Skelton, Zach Taylor, Rachel Hodge, Claire Ike, Robin Barker, Joey Shackleford, Scott Murray (sick), Leigh Griffith, Kelly Nicholson, Josh Fulmer, Jeremy Horsley, Doug Oetter.


There was a report from Scott, Robin, and Doug, who attended the club camping trip in Okefenokee NWR West Entrance the weekend before. It was a great trip with lots and lots of rain, hot dogs, and alligators, and one very loud owl at 2am that scared a lot of folks (though they might not admit it!).


The Recycling Report stated that we have our collection containers in place and we are experiencing growth in the number of pieces of white office paper being contributed. We still don't have a plan for what to do with it, but so far there isn't much waste in the bin, only white paper.


Doug hasn't secured a notable speaker or debate for Earth Day. The idea was raised to instead have a cookout for Earth Day weekend, April 22-23. Perhaps at Bartram Forest.


Campus Recycling:

Jeremy announced that there would be a presentation about his class' Water Chemistry Projects at Magnolia Ballroom on Saturday, 22 April 06 at 6pm.