GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting Notes 1 Mar 05


Present: Amy, Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, Claire, Joey, Janessa, & Doug


Discussion of activities and events:

  1. General announcements
    1. Field trip to Okefenokee being scheduled (check with Doug)
    2. River cleanup planned for overnight 22-23 April to Goat Island
    3. Still need ideas and commitment for Earth Day speaker

                                                              i.      Dan Bruce Wingfoot from Conyers

                                                            ii.      Frank & Vicky Logue

                                                          iii.      Debate: Green vs. Development

    1. Looking for ideas for Profession speakers
  1. Fundraising
    1. Earth Day t-shirts (Rachel & Claire)

                                                              i.      Order from www.earthdayshirts.com

                                                            ii.      Decided to order 60 shirts

  1. Field trip
    1. Overnight trip to Okefenokee & Sapelo Island 8-9 April w/ Doug’s Wetlands class
  2. Adopt-a-Stream
    1. Looking to adopt Fishing Creek
  3. Trail building
    1. Suggestions to work with CATS program on trail clearing and building for Oconee River Greenway & Bartram Forest
  4. Geocaching
    1. GPS game involving looking for hidden treasures using global positioning devices