GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting Notes from 2 Nov 04




1.      Speaker Series (Rachel)

A.     Working with GIVE Center EarthCare

i.        Earth Care Club was formed by Kendall Stiles a while back; they were active in campus recycling, especially aluminum, ink cartridges, and white paper.

ii.      Kendall has money to help

iii.    Should be in April around Earth Day

B.     Ideas

i.        PIRG contact for Georgia

ii.      Jan Nichols


2.      Waste Audit

A.     Check with Harry Keim about Sinclair Disposal waste contract

B.     Get permission to have audit from the Compliance Officer (Ed?)

C.     Get OSHA type gear

D.    Contact physical plant

E.     Research protection methods (poopy suits, gloves, goggles)

F.      Research recycling prices

G.    Waste collection day

H.    Make event sell

I.        Write report

J.        Michael reported on tent rentals

i.        30 x 45 tent is $600 plus $200 for walls

ii.      40 x 40 tent is $800

K.    GC&SU spends $35,000/yr on solid waste disposal

i.        $21/ton


3.      River clean-up

A.     October for Rivers Month


4.      Environmental Professionals

A.     Bioremediation- Anthony will talk to Barkovski

B.     Fish and Wildlife Management- Janessa will talk to Skelton

C.     Aquatic Biology- Claire will talk to Barman

D.    Environmental Policy and Law- Robin will talk to DeVore

E.     Climatology/Forestry- Oetter


5.      Field Trips

A.     Aquarium

B.     Skidaway Island Institute

C.     Riverkeeper

D.    Wassaw Island

E.     Okeefenokee

F.      Beach Sweep