GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Minutes from 15 October 2004

Environmental Club Action Work Group Meeting Minutes


In attendance:  Rebecca Atha, Michael Heath

Absent:  Scott Murray, Timothy Blue

Start: 7:10 PM /   End:  8:00 PM


Decided to have a meeting with Dr. Leland in order to gain her support.   

Decided to have audit on lawn “in front of” Herty (Montgomery St. side- where the bike rack is located) in front of A&S building.

Set date for the audit on Tuesday, February 8 2005.

Decided what information would be needed to present the audit to Dr. Leland and divided the task of getting that info. between Rebecca and Michael.



Calling up student activities/ (whoever??) and finding out who our school rents the large tents from when we have outdoor activities.

(Michael did this and found out that tents are very expensive; see November minutes)

Finding out how much slope is OK to put up a stable tent. (because the area chosen for the audit slopes down hill from the sidewalk to the bldg.)

Get prices from whoever the school rents from for Lg. tent with and without ‘walls’

Find out if tent with walls has a ‘floor’

Calling physical plant to find out about extra trashcans that would be available to use for the audit.

Finding out if GC&SU already have dumpsters that could be used to store recyclables if not then…

Getting the price of buying/ renting a dumpster (with partitions)

Finding the closest locations that pay for recyclables and how much $ is offered.

Looking up what needs to be included on a ‘no liability’ waiver for anyone taking the recyclables to above locations after the audit. And if there are age restrictions (would the driver have to be >25yrs.)

After obtaining club’s approval- present with Dr. Leland



Getting #’s from Scott/ Locations from TimJ

With Scott’s #’s of GC&SU’s actual waste disposal costs, create a presentation that shows how a recycling program could work-and how a waste audit is necessary in order for the school to plan effectively.

With Tim’s info. about where trash is taken, plan how to most effectively get it to our location in front of A&S.

Finding out what to do with recyclables once they have been separated.

With above information, coordinate who/ what/ when/ where…and make info. presentable.

Obtain copy of safety waiver and a make up a detailed presentation on what will be coordinated in order for volunteers to safely sort trash.

Compile into a presentable format- a list of what will be needed, how much it costs, and where the $ will come from to pay for our needs.

After obtaining club’s approval- Schedule meeting and present to Dr. Leland