GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting Notes from 7 Sep 04


Signup Sheet


Recap of Last Year

River cleanup

Earth Day


Club Objectives

            Cleanups and restoration

            Campus recycling and waste audit

            Environmental education



            Field Trips

                        Select sites that explore the field of environmental science

                        Include field work experience


                        Have speakers come in and talk about their work


                        Lake Sinclair Island- Goat Island??





Dues set at $5

            Collected $30 in dues for 2004-05

            Collected $7 in recycling income from computer cardboard boxes




Next meeting



Email went out 8 September 04


We had the first Environmental Science Club meeting of the year last night, and in spite of the weather there were about 8 folks there!

There were some great ideas tossed around, and we agree to form two working groups- one for Action items (cleanups, campus waste audit, recycling, environmental restoration) and one for Education items (hosting speakers, planning field trips, campus education projects).

We are going to work on ideas for these two working groups before the next full meeting Tues 5 Oct 04 so that we can make that a planning session for this year's activities.
We decided to elect new officers on  the same day as our country's election day, 2 Nov 04.
Dues are still $5/year and are due, so to speak!

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