GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting notes from 6 April 04:

            11 members present: Alex, Jen Rhode, Wendy, Rebecca Atha, Shea Groebner, Laurie, Kristin, Casey Piper, Tim Blue, Joe Matteson, Doug O.


Recycling ideas:

            Phone book- get the information in the  phone book

            Paul Jahr- get moving out people to recycle

            Waste audit

            Find and report on other college programs

            Get Marionís brochure


Earth Day:

            Reserve table & space

            Get Earth Ball from International Studies

            Table from 9:30 to 2:30

            Get materials from Bartram Forest, Georgia Power, Sierra Club, Altamaha Riverkeeper, Georgia Wilderness Society, Nature Conservancy, Wilderness Society, Trust for Public Land, Georgia Conservancy, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Baldwin County


River Cleanup:

            Sat, 24 April on the lower Oconee

            Canoes- Ruth

            Bartram Picnic





Make a Difference Day at Wall-Mart



Email went out 13 April 04

Hey Environmental Clubers;

In response to last week's meeting that I missed, I was told that the Environmental Club will be meeting Tuesday, April 20 at 7:00 in Herty Hall Conference Room to discuss the Earth Day Festivities.

For a preview of what will be discusses:

Thursday, April 22 - Earth Day Table on Campus:  We will be giving earth day information to students near the Arts & Science Building.  We will have a table and a lot of fun stuff going on. 

Saturday, April 24 - River Clean-up:  We will be hosting a River Cleanup on the Oconee River and a celebration afterwards.

More details will be clear after this meeting.  Please come to the meeting if you are planning to participate in the Earth Day Festivities.

Thanks, Environmental Club