GC&SU Environmental Science Club

Meeting held 3 Feb 04- 20 people attended


Amended and approved constitution and elected other officers

Discussed plans for projects, which fell into four main areas:

      River cleanups

      Environmental education

      Campus recycling & waste audit

      Recreation facility construction and maintenance

Faculty advisors (Oetter, Whipple, DeVore, Rhode, Moody, Skelton)



Campus recycling- Dave Groseclose (4467)

Did have it under Ed Spier- lost vendors for cardboard and white paper;

Needs impetus from above and a practical method of storage and delivery


Baldwin state forest trail maintenance

Trail guide

Greenway trail construction

River cleanup

Revegetation at Bonner Park


Email went out 4 Feb 04


Thanks to everyone who attended the organizational meeting of the GC&SU Environmental Science Club last night.  This email is going to everyone who put their name on the sign-up sheet.  Please forward it to people who could not attend.

Following is a brief summary of what happened:

The constitution was approved with changes.  Dues will be $5/year payable at the beginning of the year or first meeting to the Treasurer.

Meetings will be at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the month or as needed.

Officers are Shea Groebner, Pres.; Brian Lowe, Vice-Pres.; Allison Hogan, Sec.; Lorie Davis, Treas.

Faculty Advisor is Doug Oetter, with support of Harriet Whipple, Melanie DeVore, Jen Rhode, and possibly Doris Moody and Chris Skelton.


MOVIE:  'A Civil Action' Tuesday 10 Feb 7pm in A&S (RM??)

LECTURE: 1st Inaugaral Georgia Power Environment Chair lecture- Anne Anderson, the real-life star behind the story of 'A Civil Action'  Thurs 19  7pm? A&S Auditorium.  She'll also be talking in a couple of classes that afternoon.

Marion Anderson, Baldwin County Environmental Compliance Officer, spoke to us about environmental issues in the area, including tire disposal, recycling, and river cleanup activities.

We came to some agreement that there are four general action areas:

1. Cleanups (River access areas & the Oconee River)
2. Campus Recycling & Waste/Energy Audit
3. Environmental Education (including Earth Day Events)
4. Public Lands (Restoration & trail construction/maintenance)

And sign-up sheets were passed around to indicate personal interest in this action areas.

#1- SPREAD THE WORD that there is now an Environmental Science Club to your friends, classmates, professors, etc.

#2- Get your dues to Lorie (maybe we need a very brief application form?) along w/ email, phone, & association

#3- Come to the events posted above!

#4- Drs. Whipple and DeVore are looking to schedule river cleanup events in late April.  Let them know you're interested!

#5- Dr. Oetter and some of his class will be surveying the River Greenway area on Sunday the 15th in the afternoon (tentatively). Contact me if you want to look around that area.

#6- NEXT MEETING Tues. 2 March 04 7pm probably same room.