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Energy Efficiency


Reducing Energy Use

One of the basic laws of thermodynamics is that you only essentially get to use energy once; after that it becomes waste heat and just floats out into space.  Sound environmental living requires that we get the most out of the energy we use, because not only is it polluting and unhealthy to mine, process, and burn it, but our present over-reliance on fossil fuels is sort of like stealing food from your grandchildren.  We can't ethically keep wasting it because we don't really have any other solutions to present to future generations. 


Regardless of what those future scientists, engineers, and planners (today's students) decide to do, we support dramatic reductions in energy waste by the most economical, efficient, ethical, and logical method- energy efficiency.


Please read the GCSU Green Initiative's Energy webpage to find out more about what you can do and why you should act!


Here are some basic tips from the National Wildlife Federation:



Promoting Energy Alternatives

The Southern Energy Network is a local organization that has produced a significant amount of information for college students who want to become more educated on energy issues.  Their web site great ideas for you to get more involved.  We also suggest Kilowatt Ours, a site dedicated to reducing energy use at a personal level.





Is Coal the Solution?

Nationwide, the debate has heated up about the role of our country's vast coal reserves in future energy production.  Thousands of college students have joined their voice to efforts to design a cleaner way to produce electricity than 'clean coal.'  The GCSU Environmental Science Club supports having a healthy discussion over the role of fossil fuels, and we encourage you to learn more from these sites:



Global Warming

As part of the Campus Climate Challenge, the GCSU Environmental Science Club staged a Global Warming party in February, 2008.  The purpose of the event was to raise awareness by satirically celebrating the warmer winters predicted by global warming.  It turned a few heads to have beachballs and bikinis on front campus on a chilly winter day, and we even made the Detroit Free Press!






The next year, in February 2008, we camped out on front campus for three nights to promote energy efficiency.  The idea was that we could sleep outside and let our thermostats at home dip into the 50's!  Add to that having the lights out for three days, then subtract a bit extra energy for the hot showers we all had to take, and we think we saved several hundred Joules worth of power!!






In the News

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