GCSU Environmental Science Club

Education Activities

Earth Day

Each year, the Club sponsors a celebration of Earth Day!  This special day has become more than just one day, as we enjoy Georgia's beautiful spring weather to take time to appreciate the planet and educate the public on the value of a clean and healthy environment.  We like to celebrate outdoors, and involve the community, and sponsor educational activities.  This year's Earth Day celebration will be a big event, so come out and join us!



Community Outreach

The Club works hard to educate the campus and local community on the issues behind environmental science.   We are have participated in Coverdell Institute Lectures and the Times Talk, and we have sponsored a number of educational forums, on topics like recycling, global warming, and the effort to move our nation away from coal power.  We frequently set up information tables on campus to reach out to students on important environmental issues.





Some of the activities we've put on include a Global Warming Day and a Climate Challenge Campout





Field Trips

The club takes at least one field trip per semester, to educational and interesting places like the North Georgia mountains, Okeefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, recycling centers, Bartram Forest, and more!  Getting out into the field is the best way to learn by doing.






Invited Speakers

Many of our meetings feature expert speakers, on subjects ranging from environmental careers and research opportunities to the environmental history of Middle Georgia and how to best build a compost bin.  Our meetings and other public events are informative and enriching.  To keep up with our educational activities, subscribe to our email distribution list or join our Facebook group.




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