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Campus Environmental Audits


Campus Energy Audit

A Campus Energy Audit is a way of measuring how much energy we are using.  Here are some web sites that explain more:

Energy Audit and Energy Education at Southern University

UNSW Environmental Management Program

Macalester College Campus Environmental Audits

University of Pennsylvania Energy Audit

California State University, Chico Environmental Audits

University of Central Arkansas Environmental Audit

National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology Energy page


Campus Waste Audit

A Campus Waste Audit is an assessment of what our university is throwing away.  We basically pick through the trash generated on campus for a typical day, and then extrapolate that out for the year.  We can then calculate how much recyclable material (newspaper, cardboard, office paper, metal, etc...) is being disposed of inefficiently and wastefully in the county landfill.  The idea is that we have to pay money to throw recyclable goods in the landfill, but we could be earning money by collecting them.


Here are some web sites to examine:

College and University Recycling Council

Collegiate Recyclers Coalition

McGill University Waste Audit Page

GrassRoots Recycling Network

University of Oregon Waste Audit Page

University of Technology (Sydney) Campus Management

University of Waterloo Waste Audit Workplan

The Club has conducted one waste audit in October 2006, and we are a planning another Campus Environmental Audit in 2009.  Please contact a club officer if you can help!!


See the Results of our 2006 GCSU Waste Audit.






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