Myrtle Ridge Disc Golf Course

Georgia College & State University

The Village at West Campus

Milledgeville, Georgia







Myrtle Ridge is an18-hole disc golf course on the West Campus of Georgia College & State University.  It was established in 2007, with improvements continuing.  The medium-length course is challenging yet fair, with tight forest and shrub obstacles, moderate elevation change, and some painful thickets!

GCSU West Campus is just west of the US-441 Bypass in Milledgeville, GA, 0.5 north of the intersection with GA-49 (Hancock St.).  The course is adjacent to the intramural fields at the far north of the housing and field complex.  The first tee is located down the hill from the intramural field parking lot.

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The first 15 holes are ready to play, with Mach II baskets and grass tee pads. Tee boxes are marked by upright wooden poles, and small green signs identify access trails.  Each hole is designed to be a par 3.  Please be careful to avoid briars, vines, and tree stump holes.  The map below shows the current placement.

The facility is closed from sunset to sunrise.  The course is on State of Georgia property and is considered a School Zone.  Alcohol, guns, and drugs are not allowed.  Please keep your pets under control.


Layout Map:

Virtual Tour (.pps)


Special Rules:

The course is still being cleared and there are special rules for vegetation removal.  If your disc lands in a thicket of briar, brambles, or privet, you may remove the vegetation that affects your path to the pin using trimming clippers.  This special rule is in effect to help open up the rough.

DO NOT remove substantial woody growth!   We have left many obstacles to make the course more challenging.

DO NOT remove the wax myrtle plant.  This is a native species that is very beautiful and is the reason we named the course 'Myrtle Ridge.'  If you are not sure, don't cut!

This is privet; it is a noxious invasive species:


This is wax myrtle; it is a valuable native species:




The course is managed by  the Bobcat Frisbee Club.  If you like the course, please join our Facebook Group or  Contact Us! We welcome volunteers for work days.  If you really like it, please Become a Sponsor to allow us much needed funds to develop the course further.  And please tell your friends about the course and give us a high rating on the PDGA website!