GCSU Bobcat Frisbee Club

The Bobcat Frisbee Club at Georgia College & State University promotes disc sports such as disc golf and ultimate.  The purpose of the club is to bring together those who wish to indulge in ultimate, disc golf, or freestyle, and provide instruction, coordination, and development of disc-related activities.  The club sponsors participation in ultimate and disc golf tournaments, and works to increase community involvement in recreational activities involving Frisbee-style sports.

To participate, show up at one of our events or meetings, or contact the Coordinators.  To be informed, subscribe to our email distribution list, join one of our Facebook pages (GCSU Women's Ultimate, GCSU Men's Ultimate, or the Myrtle Ridge Disc Golf Course).  In addition, club members are required to register in our OrgSync group, the Frisbee Club at Georgia College & State University.



Bobcat Frisbee Club Constitution


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